Luxury Cake Tasting Box
Luxury Cake Tasting Box
Luxury Cake Tasting Box

Luxury Cake Tasting Box

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A tasting selection of our (6) six wedding cake flavours arrive exquisitely packaged.  

Perfect if you are planning a wedding, a simple celebration for any event or simply want to treat yourself or a friend!
The Tasting Box contains one portion of each of the following enticing flavours:
  • Vanilla bean cake w/ strawberry basil filling and vanilla buttercream 
  • Champagne cake w/ rhubarb jam filling and elderflower buttercream
  • Almond cake w/ raspberry curd filling and rose water buttercream 
  • Coconut cake w/ passionfruit filling and vanilla buttercream
  • Chocolate Mocha cake with salted caramel filling and chocolate buttercream
  • Dark Chocolate cake with Raspberry Thyme filling and chocolate buttercream
Allergen caution.  All cakes made in a commercial kitchen which uses nuts, wheat, eggs and dairy.  Kindly contact us prior to ordering with any questions you may have.